NHibernate.FlowQuery v1.2 Released

There hasn’t been too many updates here the last two years so I thought it would be about time I said “Hi, I’m alive!”.
I’ve just uploaded a new version of NHibernate.FlowQuery ( FlowQuery ). Version 1.2 of FlowQuery can be downloaded here. The new version is built against NHibernate 3.3.2.

This release adds overloads for the *Join-methods on ISubFlowQuery giving you the possibility to specify extra onClause-criteria there as well as you have been able to do on the regular IFlowQuery for quite some time now. I have also added a short hand to IFlowQuery called Any() with a few overloads for specifying conditions. The methods works pretty much the same as the Any() method in the Linq API.

Example of Any() using:

bool anyUserOnline = Query<User>()
    .Any(u => u.IsOnline);

How to solve the above with previous version:

bool anyUserOnline = Query<User>()
    .Where(u => u.IsOnline)
    .Count() > 0;

As you can see, this gives you a little less to write in these occasions. I hope it’ll come in handy.

Enjoy! (:

/Niklas Källander


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