NHibernate.FlowQuery v2.1 Released

I’ve just released version 2.1 of NHibernate.FlowQuery (FlowQuery) which I’ve been busy working on for the last couple of weeks. The new version contains a couple of bug fixes but mostly new features and improvements.

Version 2.1 of FlowQuery can be downloaded here. FlowQuery is now also available on NuGet.

Install using NuGet:

PM> Install-Package NHibernate.FlowQuery


Release Notes:

Bug Fixes

  • OrderBy(..) cause query to have same sql projection twice instead of using alias, which cause a crash when also using Distinct()
  • OrderBy(..) cause a crash when used with more complex projections (ternary operations/expressions etc.)


  • Should sign assembly with a strong name key
  • Should mark assembly with AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute
  • Should mark assembly with CLSCompliantAttribute
  • Aggregate.Average should return Double instead of Decimal to avoid multiple type casts in sql
  • Is.In(TEnumerable enumerable) where TEnumerable : IEnumerable should just be Is.In(IEnumerabe enumerable)

New Features

  • Should support ICriteria.SetFetchMode features (e.g. query.Fetch(x => x.Association).WithJoin())
  • Should support ICriteria.SetCacheable/SetCacheRegion/SetCacheMode features (e.g. query.Cacheable([string], [CacheMode]))
  • Should support ICriteria.SetTimeout features (e.g. query.Timeout(int) and query.TimeoutAfter(int).Seconds())
  • Should support ICriteria.SetLockMode features (e.g. query.Lock([alias]).[LockMode]())
  • Should support ICriteria.SetReadOnly features (e.g. query.ReadOnly([bool]))
  • Should support ICriteria.SetComment features (e.g. query.Comment(string))
  • Should support ICriteria.SetFetchSize features (e.g. query.FetchSize(int))
  • Should support Restrictions.IsEmpty/IsNotEmpty and Subqueries.Exists/NotExists features (e.g. Is.Empty(..) and Is.Not.Empty(..))
  • Should support Projections.SubQuery features (e.g. Aggregate.Subquery(..))
  • Should support projections with simple type casting (e.g. (int)x.MyProperty)
  • Should infer GroupBy columns from other projections (aggregations, explicit GroupBy)
  • Should be able to GroupBy without projecting value (e.g. query.GroupBy(..))
  • Should be able to copy/clone a FlowQuery reference (e.g. query.Copy())
  • Should be able to clear all restrictions (e.g. query.ClearRestrictions())
  • Should be able to clear time out (e.g. query.ClearTimeout())
  • Should be able to clear group bys (e.g. query.ClearGroupBys())
  • Should be able to clear fetches (e.g. query.ClearFetches())
  • Should be able to clear locks (e.g. query.ClearLocks())
  • Is.In(..) should have overload accepting a DetachedCriteria
  • SessionExtensions should provide methods for getting Detached/Delayed (+ explicit Immediate) FlowQuery alterations directly


  • Add license file (e.g. “License.txt”)
  • Add release notes file (e.g. “Release Notes.txt”)
  • Add read me file (e.g. “Read Me.txt”)
  • Add NuGet support

I’ve also updated the unit test suite (~150 new tests) and the documentation to cover the new features and improvements.

Enjoy! (:


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