NHibernate.FlowQuery v2.1.1 Released

Sad to say that I, in my haste to release version 2.1 of NHibernate.FlowQuery (FlowQuery), mistakenly copied the wrong license text into the “License.txt” file.

Instead of the intended license text for Lesser General Public License (LGPL) I had copied the license text for General Public License (GPL).

I’ve corrected this error in version 2.1.1 of FlowQuery which is released both on SourceForge.net and on NuGet. I’ve also corrected the license text on this WordPress Site and in the old packages released on SourceForge.net.

Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to update/delete a package on NuGet and hence, I cannot fix the problem in the version 2.1.0 NuGet package, which I’ve unlisted instead.

So, please enjoy version 2.1.1 of FlowQuery! (: